Fort Myers, FL – Coastal Zone Foundation (CZF) is offering two half-day virtual short courses that can be registered for in conjunction with the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) Coastal Summit at

Tuesday, Apr. 6, “Government Operations” from noon until 4 p.m. led by Aram Terchunian (First Coastal). An introductory course will present basic concepts in government operations. The course will review the structure of federal and state government and how they work, including how authorities are granted, the federal budget process, and basic regulatory programs. The local and federal government structure and the budgeting process will be discussed. Additionally, the module will present the best way to effectively communicate your message to elected officials so you can advance your project through the bureaucratic maze.

Wednesday, Apr. 7, “Communication” from noon until 4 p.m. led by Shannon Cunniff (Shannon Cunniff Consulting) and Niki Mann (Florida Gulf Coast University). An introductory course will present the basic concepts of effective communication and collaboration. This course provides participants an understanding of communication goals, stakeholders and audiences, delivery and tools. It also provides hands-on examples of how to effectively communicate with a variety of media, peers, and government agencies. A highly interactive session, this will feature problem-solving drawing on participants’ own experiences.

These courses are intended for coastal practitioners, professionals, consultants and representatives from government agencies and nongovernmental organizations. Students and new professionals are also encouraged to attend.

The short course topics are modules that are offered in partial completion of the Certified Coastal Practitioner™ (CCP) program. The complete program consists of 10 modules offering a broad, multidisciplinary platform of knowledge for current and prospective coastal professionals and providing an introductory look at the various areas of coastal expertise that are crucial to successful and sound coastal management. The objective of this program is to deliver the fundamentals of each topic applied in coastal management, so that individuals obtain exposure to a breadth of knowledge and expertise. Please visit for more information on the Certified Coastal Practitioner™ credential. Most short courses are available via recorded webinar.

Please email a request to if you are unable to attend ASBPA Coastal Summit and would like to register for one of the short courses.

The Coastal Zone Foundation was formed in 1984 with the purpose of advancing scientific and related engineering and planning knowledge. By developing and implementing the Certified Coastal Practitioner™ program, Coastal Zone Foundation is continuing a tradition of encouraging rigorous research and continued collaboration to nurture, protect and manage the coastal zone. Please visit to learn more.