The Coastal Zone Foundation

Continuing a tradition of encouraging rigorous research and continued collaboration to nurture, protect and manage the coastal zone through sound science, engineering and planning.


Support for the improvement of the coastal zone professional.

In the 21st century, there is a growing need to have a diversified knowledge base that spans many fields in the coastal zone. There is also a need to define the body of knowledge that reflects best practices for coastal professionals and that will address and advance a profession that has come into its own. The Coastal Zone Foundation has taken on a new mission – to develop and implement a Certified Coastal Practitioner® (CCP) program. 

These courses will provide coastal professionals from government, consulting and academia a series of short courses structured to expand and grow their knowledge base. This will increase their proficiency and competitive advantage. The knowledge base is comprised of knowledge, skills and abilities needed by practitioners. 

In addition, these courses will define what the coastal industry (science, government and nongovernment organizations) expects, identify qualified individuals, set a standard and require concurrence to a code of ethics, require and encourage ongoing education, and enhance Coastal Zone Foundation’s reputation as a coastal zone leader.


Advancing our understanding of science, engineering and planning for the coastal zone.

Educating professionals of many disciplines about the diversity and vitality of the coastal zone with the goal of enabling better understanding and management of this precious resource. 

Educating the public about the many aspects – seen and unseen – that are crucial to maintaining and restoring a healthy coastal zone that is able to provide habitat, protection, recreation and livelihood to so many. 

The Coastal Zone Foundation formed in 1984 with the purpose of advancing scientific and related engineering and planning knowledge. As appropriate, the foundation would assist application of such knowledge in the field of coastal zone management, coastal science and natural and cultural resources generally and for the benefit and education of the public and involved professions. This could include the application of knowledge for the protection of coastal, ocean and related resources for the benefit of present and future generations.


Working together, we can accomplish much more to protect and preserve the coastal zone.

The Coastal Zone Foundation is joining with the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) to implement the Certified Coastal Practitioner® (CCP) program by providing the opportunity to present the CCP modules as short courses adjacent to ASBPA’s National Coastal Conference and Coastal Summit.

These courses will build on ASBPA’s leadership as a multidisciplinary association by providing coastal professionals from government, consulting and academia a series of short courses structured to expand and grow their knowledge base while enhancing their own collaborations with other coastal professionals. The knowledge base is comprised of knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by practitioners. 

During the late 20th century, the Coastal Zone Foundation was known for its Coastal Zone conferences, which brought together thousands of coastal professionals in diverse coastal fields to share their knowledge in an interdisciplinary conference. This new CCP initiative will serve the next generation of coastal zone professionals.