CCP Training

Certified Coastal Practitioner® Credentialing Program

Coastal Zone Foundation is continuing a tradition of encouraging rigorous research and continued collaboration to nurture, protect and manage the coastal zone by developing and implementing a Certified Coastal Practitioner®(CCP) program.

The CCP program will provide coastal professionals from government, consulting and academia a series of short courses structured to expand and grow their knowledge base while enhancing their own collaborations with other coastal professionals. This program defines the body of knowledge that reflects best practices for coastal management, offers broad knowledge of the topics covered and complements existing coastal licenses and educational programs.

  • Designed for coastal government agencies, coastal engineers, scientists, economists, coastal consultants, graduating advanced-degree students, NGO coastal staff and coastal citizens.
  • Encompasses short courses focused on disciplines that you as a coastal professional should know more about.
  • Modules are available as webinars, and also may be offered as live short courses each year during American Shore & Beach Preservation Association’s Coastal Summit and National Coastal Conference.
  • Pass/fail assessment will be delivered at the end of each course. After successfully completing the assessment, you will receive a certificate and professional development hours for the course.
  • Complete 10 short courses to become a Certified Coastal Practitioner® (CCP).
  • Candidates for the CCP certification must agree to the Code of Ethics.

Certificate must be renewed every five years for it to remain valid (see recertification requirements).

Each recorded webinar is $100 and allows 30-day access to complete the course, followed by a pass/fail assessment. After successful completion of each course, you will receive a certificate and professional development hours. Complete any 10 modules to become a Certified Coastal Practitioner®.

For a description of the courses and frequently asked questions about the CCP program, visit the CCP Course Information page.

Contact for more details or to register for a course in the Certified Coastal Practitioner® credentialing program.