Coastal Biology/Ecology


An introductory course on coastal ecology/biology offering science-based and skill-building opportunities to coastal professionals.



An introductory course presenting the basic concepts of coastal biology/ecology. The course will provide up-to-date science-based and skill-building opportunities to professionals whose work is affected by coastal resources. The spatial zone of interest is a relatively narrow portion of the continental shelf/coastal plain where land and sea meet. Basic concepts will encompass major biological constituents that make up the dynamic and diverse set of ecosystems and species including the open ocean, barrier islands, coastal marsh, estuarine resources and threatened and endangered species.

The Coastal Biology/Ecology course is one of the short courses offered to complete the Certified Coastal Practitioner credential. The credential may be earned upon successful completion of 10 CCP courses.

Course includes:


Run time- 4 Hours 45 Minutes

6 Modules & 6 Quizzes