Water Quality Course


The Water Quality course is one of the short courses offered to complete the Certified Coastal Practitioner credential. The credential may be earned upon successful completion of 10 CCP courses.


An introductory course where a review of the Clean Water Act of 1972 will be provided, along with discussions of surface water quality standards and compliance applicable to the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific coastal zones. Case studies will review basin management tools, primary contributors to water quality degradation, Best Management Practices (BMPs) for treatment, monitoring strategies, bioindicators, and state-level efforts at becoming compliant with the Coastal Zone Act. These topics will be discussed in three regional case studies: 1) Southern California Marina del Ray Toxic Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL); 2) Southeast Florida Indian River Lagoon Basin Management Nutrient Criteria; and 3) Mississippi Gulf Coast Monitoring and Management of Non-Point Sources.

Course Includes:


Run Time- 2 Hours 25 Minutes


1 Module & 3 Quizes